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Meet the Team

The secret behind our exceptional medical care?  It’s the passion of the best physicians, psychiatrists and staff in the Orlando and entire Central Florida area who provide the patient care you need and deserve. As the backbone of our practice, our experienced physicians are dedicated to treating patients with compassion and understanding. You can trust them to do the same for your family.  Find out more about our physicians below. Then, schedule your appointment to see how they can help you.


Adly Thebaud, MD, CPI

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Thebaud is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with more than 30 years’ experience in treating children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients affected by psychiatric, medical and neurological disorders. In addition to his successful private practice, Dr. Thebaud oversees the operation of clinical trials with the additional responsibility for Medical Oversight. Dr. Thebaud has conducted over 175 clinical trials during his 18 years of experience.

After completing his Residency in Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry at Michigan State University, he worked as an academic faculty and staff physician at Wayne State University, Detroit Receiving Hospital. In 1991, Dr. Thebaud moved to Florida where he launched his private practice in, which includes children from age 4 to adults in their ninth decade of life. Patients are treated for a variety of conditions including ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Dementia, Depression, Eating disorder, Panic Disorder, PTSD, Schizophrenia and others. Dr. Thebaud participates yearly in short-term medical mission trips in developing countries, to teach doctors, nurses and other medical staff on subjects such as Neonatal Resuscitation in which he is certified. Dr. Thebaud is also an Assistant Clinical Professor for the medical students and physician assistants of Florida State University. Because of his love of people, his interest in learning, and his ability to relate to patients, Dr. Thebaud is a real asset to Family Psychiatry Services and Medical Research Group of Central Florida.


Josette Romain, M.D.

Board Certified Family Physician

Dr. Romain is a Board Certified Family Physician actively involved in the follow up care to many of our patients in our private practice and clinical research.

Dr Romain completed her residency at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in 1991. In addition to her experience in internal medicine, Dr. Romain spent two years residency training in Psychiatry at Fairlawn Center, in Pontiac, Michigan. Along with her work at Medical Research Group of Central Florida where she has been conducting Phase II – IV studies for 17+ years; Dr. Romain is a Staff Physician and Vice-President for Family Psychiatry Services, Staff Physician at Walt Disney World Center and Staff Physician for Florida Hospital Central Care. She has participated in multiple medical mission trips in various developing countries, including Haiti, Honduras, Congo and the Dominican Republic.


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